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A big shout out to our friends and fans for their support. It really is a team effort to put on a show.

Live Blues Music Fans

Thanks to you, we are able to do what we do. You inspire us.

You are the reason for the show.

Our families

Your support is our foundation. You are all our "Super Fans".

Lori Murray

You are our tireless and fearless manager. You keep the VPS Blues Bus between the lines on the blues highway.

David Smith (FOH)

Your unequalled ability to make us sound our best from behind the mixer, under any circumstances makes every show a success.

"Backstage Brian" and "Front Row Donna"

Thank you for your countless hours of hard work and dedication in setting up many, many shows that we have played over the years. You make a great team.

Tim Bastmeyer

You are a great photographer and musical comrade. Many of your photos are featured here.

Fabiola Murphy

Your eye for "the shot" and your hard work have produced many great videos of the band. 


from VOODOO Pawn Shop

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